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The Little Candle Shop
Handmade Candles, & Jewellery
The Little Candle Shop
Handmade Candles, & Jewellery

Hello and welcome to The Little Candle Shop.

At the Little Candle Shop, we produce handmade candles to customer exact requirements.

We specialise in Wedding Candles for wedding planners and florists as well as Candles for Hotels, and the general public

On the following pages you will find details on our range of :

Wedding Candles

Photo Candles

Standard Candles

Outdoor Candles

Candles for special occasions

Should you not find a candle which fits you requirement, please contact us directly using the details below., and we will do our best to supply your requirments


Thanks for Visiting, Ella

Contact us:        Ella@thelittlecandleshop.org.uk

Tel:   07837 303808


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